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mrcsugarskullz's Journal

28 March
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I am a Young single mother of two beautiful children. I love to read and write whenever i have free time. I have a 19 month old son Chayce and 3 year old daughter Nikita, they are the greatest little joys i could ever ask for. I am very free spirited person pretty laid back and outgoing at times just got to catch me at the right times. I can also be a very in my own head kind of person which makes this live journal perfect to me i can put my thoughts into images and make all sorts of to do lists and post all sorts of ideas I've always wanted to do but never got around to cause i forgot to write them down. I'm not perfect as no one is but i will be the most caring person you will ever meet don't get on my bad side and we can be friends. :) I love to play video games time to time to blow off steam and shot some shit i can rock steal toed boots and fish nets any day and have an odd obsession with tights you can find varieties` of all sorts in my drawer. I love Thai food and as i call it liquid crack (Rockstars), of which i had a point where i tried them all and started collecting the cans yes i tried EVERYONE of them including the gross ass ones with coffee in them. :p I'm imperfect and random and at times messy emotional but that's who i am and I'll take that any day.