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25 and Above

There are just somethings in life that after the age of 25 just don't seem so appealing anymore and after reading an article on this i found a lot of it to be true and thought i would share a piece from my wisdom as well on this matter. I cant really speak for those older then me I'm sure there are other issues as more aging come along but i can touch on the matter and the rest can be added in by all the rest of you who will agree or disagree on the matter. So here it goes:

-Being called kiddo other then by your parents or grandparents is annoying...
-Staying up late till the crack of dawn out partying is less appealing and when you do plan on staying out late and drinking you have to take a nap ahead of time so you can try to be lively.
-Microwaveable dinners are less appealing and junk food just don't sit right anymore
-Your parents become your best friend or more understanding (these are subject to change and not an always).
-Getting house hold appliances and clothes for Christmas is exciting.
-Naps are your friend.
-Staying in on a Friday night in pj's binging on Netflix eating ice cream is more appealing then going out to a club.
-Dating monogamously rather then multiple people at the same time is a much better option or not at all, sometimes you feel its easier not to at all if haven't found that "one" yet.
-Taking care of your body is more important.
-Christmas is exciting because you are the one to make the decorating choices now and more into the spirit without wishing for presents.
-Your biggest fear is not longer that you wont be liked by everyone because not only do you not care anymore but because your fear is now filled with a new one that you wont get to live life to its fullest and do everything you ever wanted to before you run out of time.
-Work becomes your life and a necessity no longer do you get to spend money frivolously.

I think i have covered at least the big basis of things I'm sure there are plenty more but you get the jest who agrees 25 and older?



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