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Goals and MUST DO's

Set aside from my other serious posts and tribulations i have a very serious deli-ma here i need out of my hermit stage and procrastination on all the fall behinds when it comes to indulging my me time. Such as working on some pop up art i keep saying i am going to do, reading stacks of books, going to the gym, and going thru my half done scrap books i have yet to finish... but instead i find myself avoiding home and hanging out with friends or vegging to Netflix not to complain that's awesome! Although i feel there needs to be more of the things I've been wanting to get done in there somewhere. So I'm vowing to myself by the end of this year i have one or all of these things started and a plan going so i can keep them up while doing the other two things that i have been doing in mass quantities lately.

STEP ONE: Get my ass out of bed more often and get up a bit more early to start my day.
STEP TWO: Once i do that start my day with a book
STEP THREE: Start buying mass quantities of material for my art and scrapbooks.
STEP FOUR: Go to the gym at least three times a week on the weeks i don't have kidlets.
STEP FIVE: This one isn't listed but an add purge anyone who does not deserve my time i know my worth and it is too saddening to waste myself bending over backwards for those who wont do the same for me.
STEP SIX: The final and most important stop binge Netflixing until I've done steps one thru five first.

Set aside form all that as long as i keep up with everything there should be no issues. And currently i have no complaints in life i have only surrounded myself with people who i trust and add to my life not to be a must but just an enhancement. I have a job and money even though things are tight due to hour cuts i have a certification where i am looking into jobs to make more and an interview November 14th with a career consultant to help me in the search, no complaints no sir E this chick is very content and happy!



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