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Wonder Woman.....

As are all my other post are all about change and how far i have come i like to say since the last one i have come even further then before and quite proud of myself that i am hitting all my goals i have set for myself to better mine and my kids lives. I think the biggest mistake in bettering yourself is assuming your are needing to be invincible wonder woman or super man... That is not necessarily true. Although i have to say at times i find myself standing in the wonder woman pose when i am thinking about something i have done that made me feel proud of me feeling like nothing can touch me or my family. In the last months you all remember i went to school to become a CNA and passed! Along with the exam i just kicked serious ass!!!! Nothing seems to really bring me down anymore i just hope the rest of my goals all fall as easily into place as this one has... Most importantly i feel the change and it's importance to my life. I fell for so long i rose like the phoenix from by burned ashes of my past without even noticing which is probably the best feeling when you finally come too. Sometimes i really do feel like wonder woman wanting more and more juggling everything at once helping myself and others and thinking wow how did i get here?? WHAT was i thinking seven years ago? And how is it i gave life to two little's that grow right before my vary eyes making me feel like the most lucky woman on earth. I think sometimes maybe just maybe if i hadn't waited to get here to this point and time how much further i could of come but thinking that way never gets you anywhere does it? So i take one step at a time and remind myself these were needed mistakes that needed to happen when they did to bring me to this point and time making me the woman i am today. So in the ibis of all this i decided to look up the meaning of wonder woman thinking its rather appropriate for this post.

Wonder Woman: A talented woman and wife wanting a career.

I find this rather fitting and quite on spot minus the wife part right now. Who doesn't want to be a hot invincible woman who can achieve anything right?index



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