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I Thought i would add on to the post i made last year when valentines was nearing and with it nearing again i thought it was appropriate. I made this list because i knew i wasn't going to have that special someone to spend it with and was my kind of way of coping. But this year it will be the same but in a different kind of way different because i don't need a only one person to spend it with i got plenty to spend it with and a list isn't going to help me find anyone or help me hope anymore by longing. So i make a retraction and call this no such thing as Mr. perfect.
So here is my list but more add on.
1. Must be OK and able to work around my kids and understand they are apart of me and also willing to be able to be around them with me.
2. Listens to all my BS when i am upset
3. Loves PDA as much as i do and OK with it
4. Can help around the house and work as a team to get things done
5. Good with money
6. Treats me right
7. Doesn't like to argue as much as i don't like to (although it does happen)
8. Loves to cuddle (who hates that though)? :))
9. Will listens to my cheesy bad jokes and stories even though i forget I've said them all already.
10. Enjoys going out and isn't some big home body
11. Gets along with my family
12. Never makes excuses or undecided about a relationship or tries to use my life as one

When i was younger i use to watch movies and hope and wish my life would be like on like the movie sixteen candles where the hot guy gets to be with the outcast girl i was always a kind of awkward kid and thought i would never find anyone. I wanted a Jake Ryan with the awesome 80's music at the end where you get everything you want. Then i got older and still wanted all that but came to realize life isn't a movie you make your own and the perfect guy just doesn't exist but that one will come along and eventually sweep you off your feet. He wont come expectantly or with fore warning but he will be perfect not cause he is but cause he's what you want and you are what he wants and that's all you will need to be whole... Then i realized who am i kidding even after all that and the waiting for it it happen on its own you are still wondering what is wrong with me and why aren't i sickly in love like all my friends on FB?? WELL because whether we like to admit it or not we as humans are constantly looking and when you are looking that is when you will never find it. SO here it goes my not Mr. perfect guy list.

1. A guy is willing to go around your kids and even accepting but only as far as it's convenient for him and his schedule. And lets face it he's only saying he is to get in your pants.... Most but not all.
2. There is no listening to all your BS only if it involves your shirt being off and dancing around or in the case he is already getting some even then its a maybe. Unless you find someone genuinely sweet.
3. EVERYONE loves PDA well most.
4. Guys don't grow up till their 30's and even then you really have to search some are still stuck mind wise in 20's lets face it finding someone to commit is hard.
5. Everyone argues, i hate to and avoid it at all costs but guys push buttons as do woman.
6. ALL guys make excuses cause well they just do as much as one wishes they wouldn't they do " I've been too busy and haven't been able to talk, sorry" is the ultimate excuse i know I've used this....

I Think you get they gist I'm getting at. There is no such thing as a perfect guy, but you know what? I have grown to be OK with that and throw the fact of that one perfect person out the window. I will take the messy i can't live without you beside me to kick the world in the balls kind of love while still being sickeningly in love, fighting i ain't gonna take your shit kind of relationship. Why? because i'd rather stay sane picking the messy one then go insane for the picture perfect one.



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