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Something i wrote a while back i wrote this one and another ill post as well they need a lot of work i think still but its a start...

She feels the weight it consumes her for what use to make her feel grounded and whole she no longer feels. He was her anchor was the one who kept her from floating to the top feeling drowned in sorrows fears and self pity. She looked towards him to be her number one supporter the one who she relied on and could always see things through with but all he ever brought was pain with that came agony and with that became resentment. She felt so scared and alone as if it were just her sitting by herself even though he was right there beside her. Was I not good enough? Did you not understand my pain or feel it? You called yourself my anchor my one and only but how could you even think that when it came down to it you never listened to a word I said. She remembers the nights you would come home wondering will this be the night he hits me? As he slams around the house in anger about work in her mind she thinks why couldn’t I be your anchor too? But all you wanted was to use and abuse her mind as long as she was beside you that meant no one else could have her. You use to say you would never hurt or abuse her but just because she doesn’t wear the bruises on her arms or face doesn’t mean you didn’t bruise everything else, mind and soul. We said till death do we part but she was already dead, dead as she could get from the inside out. Why couldn’t you just be her anchor the man she needed you to be so those people could spend the rest of their lives together through eternity and beyond… Anchor goes for the meaning “A heavy object attached to a rope or chain typically one having a metal stank.” Suitable considering you were as cold as metal when you wanted to be hurtful. You will never hurt again mind body or soul so you can keep your pitiful sorries and with that she says goodbye.



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